Tom Sherwood

Date Murdered:
September 2000

Date Disappeared:
September 2000
Stephanie Sherwood, the victim's wife, offered reward:
$10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of those responsible for killing her husband.

The lead investigator of the unsolved Tom Sherwood murder says the case is frustrating because he believes he knows who the suspects are and has a motive in mind, but the key piece of evidence that could prove it in court remains elusive.

Sherwood was found dead in the basement of his home in September of 2000. He had been shot twice with a shotgun. Investigators initially ruled the death a suicide, but following a reconstruction of the scene, they determined it was a murder.

It is now a matter of finding enough evidence to prosecute the suspects in the case. The frustration is that it is known what evidence is needed for that to happen, and it hasn't happened yet. Others have reviewed the case, and it comes back to the same conclusion. Also, other people know what happened, but until they come forward, the case will be tough to close.